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The battle of Britain, the Siege of Malta, D-Day. Unfailing air support was critical to Allied success during the most pivotal battles of World War II, and one fighter plane always came through - the Supermarine Spitfire! Today, this legendary fighter aircraft is still revered as a symbol of victory and now celebrated anew with The Spitfire Thermometer and Clock, an exclusive Bradford Exchange first ever available in a strictly limited edition of 1,936 clocks. The heralded fighter aircraft soars atop a desktop thermometer and clock as an individually handcrafted cold-cast bronze sculpture! This gleaming recreation of the Spitfire is authentically detailed down to its elliptical wing design and working propeller that actually spins!

Below the aircraft is an analog clock and indoor temperature gauge that features a traditional aviation design. Golden trim around the dials and on the wood-toned base, add richness to the design, along with a golden nameplate inscribed with "The Supermarine Spitfire." Between the dials, inside a laurel wreath, is the year the British Spitfire made its first flight. This fighter aircraft desk clock is a stirring tribute to the Spitfire that was so instrumental to the success of the RAF during World War II and will make a distinguished addition to any room, as well as a great gift idea.

Measures 28.5 cm H

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