Welcome to The Christmas Hut Inc.!

I’ll never forget the experience I had in 1990, when I walked into Wheel and Cullen to purchase some product for our Sunday School Christmas Pageant.

I walked through a magnificent forest of professionally decorated Christmas Trees and came to the back of the store that led to the outdoor garden nursery.

There to my right, was the most magnificent sight! The store had set up a life size Nativity encased in a wooden fence and situated in hay. All around were live animals – sheep and a donkey. When you walked by, a sensor would activate a recording of the Christmas story that was narrated by a deep beautiful baritone voice.

The cold night air, the live animals, and the peaceful figures reminded me of what Christmas is really all about. Our Saviour was born to bring us His message of love, peace, hope and salvation for all mankind.

I was awestruck!

I felt like I was there during the night that Christ was born!

I could almost hear the Angels sing, and felt the Star of Bethlehem shining down on me.

The peaceful scene has never left my mind, and it is a reminder to me that as we approach the Christmas season, seeing the Christ Child in Bethlehem is a profound event.

It is a time of giving and sharing and of great joy.

As you go through our website and read about us, my prayer is that whether you are searching for that perfect gift, or would like to attend our Christmas Festivals in order to escape from the cares of life for a while, whether you would like to transform your home office, store front, hotel lobby or any venue into a Christmas Wonderland, or place a magnificent Nativity in your Church, or simply put up a gorgeous Christmas Tree, we will do our best to make every Christmas special for you.

We carry a variety of product. If we don’t have it, we will try to get it for you!

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We also support the Orthodox Christian Fundraising Program that does charity work worldwide. It’s a win/win situation.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

President - Tina Athanasakos