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“As this day draws to a close, I know that my abiding memory of it will be, not only the solemnity and beauty of the ceremony, but the inspiration of your loyalty and affection. I thank you all from a full heart. God bless you all.” Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Day speech, June 2nd, 1953

And so, with a heart full of love, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Defender of the Faith, Queen of Australia and New Zealand, began her reign as the most beloved monarch of all time. With her ascension to the throne the year before, the world saw a young princess mature into a woman of a resolute strength and quiet dignity. More than a ceremony, the Coronation was an affi rmation of the affection and esteem between Her Majesty and the peoples of the Commonwealth which has grown stronger with each passing year.

Six decades after this momentous occasion, The Bradford Exchange invites you to recall the ‘solemnity and beauty’ of the Coronation in a Gallery Edition of supreme quality and impeccable hand-crafting.

Commissioned to recreate the grandeur of this most special day, international award-wining artist Robert Todonai brings you a canvas rich in that very solemnity and beauty. Todonai presents Her Majesty in a dignifi ed pose, standing before the imposing façade of Westminster Abbey, the centre of nearly one thousand years of royal investitures and weddings. Methodically researched and faithfully rendered, Todonai’s portrait also showcases the fi ne detail of the Queen’s Coronation gown by royal couturier Norman Hartnell.

Floral emblems from every nation in the Commonwealth were embroidered into the design, including Australia’s wattle and New Zealand’s silver fern, which flourish alongside England’s Tudor Rose. Her Majesty’s six Maids of Honour attend her faithfully in the background and two cameos portrait bring further richness to the design. On the left, the famed Gold State Coach used to convey Her Majesty to and from the ceremony is magnifi cently recalled. On the right, the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth wave to crowd in thanks of their loyalty and support.

A border hued in royal purple unites these elements, while four generous layers of 22-carat gold banding including the title, complete this exquisitely crafted celebration of the Queen’s Coronation.

Impressively-sized 30cm diameter plate

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