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Theirs is a romance like no other. He, a dashing prince born to a royal destiny few men will ever know… She, a woman of ordinary means whose heart’s desire would lead her to the world stage. Like a fairytale come to life, the world has breathlessly waited for each new chapter in the unfolding love story of Prince William and Princess Catherine. With the arrival of Prince George, two hearts become three in the latest chapter. Today, The Bradford Exchange invites you to celebrate the birth of the future heir to the British throne with Prince George – Our Royal Heir, a commemorative tribute reflecting a love which only grows stronger with time.

Few events can equal the birth of a royal heir, but none can compare with the arrival of a young couple’s first child. For Catherine and William, they shared both moments with us in a series of images which have become part of our collective history. These same photographs now form the centrepiece of our exclusive edition.

Catherine’s face radiates the fulfilling joy every new mother feels, while William beams with pride as he presents his child and future king to the world. Beautifully composed, the montage positively glows with exuberance as it is faithfully recreated in a 30cm diameter Gallery Edition fine porcelain plate. The richly-detailed border is a work of art in its own right. Traditional filligree weaves delicately through generous bands of 22-carat gold which accent the borders. The design is crowned with Catherine and William’s monogram, and their child’s name is inscribed in an elegant style, serving as a lasting commemoration of this magnificent moment in history.

Impressively-sized 11¼ inch diameter plate!

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