Wall Sculpture



he "John Wayne: Thundering Justice" collection of wall-hanging sculptures is uniquely designed in the shape of one of the most iconic symbols of the cowboy way—the horseshoe. Hanging from a genuine leather strap in the customary good-luck fashion with the open end facing up, this horseshoe is hand-crafted of fine artist’s resin, then enhanced with a nickel finish to give it the authentic gleam and substantial heft of the real thing. Intricate golden and silver filigree designs add some Western-style flair, and even the nails that hold the shoe in place are accurately recreated.

At the center of the design, Duke appears larger than life, standing against the backdrop of the sunlit buttes and mesas of Monument Valley, shotgun at the ready. His sheriff’s badge serves as the perfect hanging device.

Measures 11" long x 6½" wide.

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