Ashton-Drake Galleries 301219013 Shhh...I'm Going Incognito


She loves to have fun in the sun- and the beach is her favourite place! This beach baby is a 5.5 inches-long miniature baby doll by acclaimed Master Doll Artist Sherry Rawn. She is anatomically correct and comes with an adorable swimming costume, sunglasses and sunhat! Sat on a pretty pink blanket adorned with imagery of a bucket and spade, this happy little happily smiles at all those around her.

An Ashton-Drake Galleries exclusive, this good-natured baby girl is expertly recreated in resin, then handpainted for attention to realistic detail. She comes with a FREE blanket featuring the phrase ‘Shhh, I’m Going Incognito!’ along with delightful imagery.

Measures 5 1/2" (13.75 cm.) high.

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