(B) BOOKENDS - Al Agnew’s MOONLIGHT MAJESTY 0122474001-T

(B) BOOKENDS - Al Agnew’s MOONLIGHT MAJESTY 0122474001-T

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Far from human habitation, handsome timberwolves run free through the moonlit wilderness of North America. That’s the untamed beauty of artist Al Agnew’s Sacred Wilderness Glow-in-the-Dark Bookend Collection from The Bradford Exchange. Thanks to the latest imaging innovation, Al Agnew’s award-winning wolf artwork actually glows in the dark after exposure to any light source! This amazing technology brings a moonlit glow to the artwork on this unique three-piece set.

Three proud wolves on snowy terrain, hand-sculpted and hand-painted in fine detail, crown each piece. The mahogany-finished bases showcase a Native American-inspired geometric design that complements the artwork. “Moonlight Majesty,” Edition One, starts off the collection with a magnificent design that will bring a touch of moonlit beauty to your decor.

Measures 5¾ in. H x 3¾ in. W.

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