(DM) SCULPTURE - Ted Blaylock’s KING'S DOMAIN 0103713002-T

(DM) SCULPTURE - Ted Blaylock’s KING'S DOMAIN 0103713002-T

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Deep in the northern wilderness, day breaks with a stunning splendor. The rising sun blazes through the clouds to coat each wild creature with shimmering light. Eagles stretch their wings wide to grasp the day’s warm energy, then push off from rocky perches and fly above rushing white waters, clearly kings of all the wild beauty that passes beneath their wings.

Now this glorious morning in the wilderness is yours to experience again and again in an illuminated sculpture of striking contemporary design. Artist Ted Blaylock’s thrilling eagle vistas beckon to you from a sleek tower of lustrous acrylic that lights up from within at the flip of a switch. Brightened by two hidden bulbs, the morning light appears to pour out of the piece, its crystal-clear beveled surface reflecting all the majesty of the wild.

Rich walnut-stained wood supports and crowns the artwork, which is topped by a handcrafted sculpture of two eagles riding a gust of crystalline. Light shines up from below to softly illuminate the eagles’ feathers and make the crystalline gusts shimmer.
Powered by two AA batteries or by an AC adapter (not included).

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