(DM) SCULPTURE - Ted Blaylock’s MAJESTY'S MONARCH 0117085002-T

(DM) SCULPTURE - Ted Blaylock’s MAJESTY'S MONARCH 0117085002-T

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Raising his powerful wings and scanning the horizon, a stately bald eagle prepares to take flight from his moss-covered perch. Lifting off with a sudden flurry of wingbeats, he will very quickly be at top speed, moving with a purpose and swiftness unchallenged in the skies above his wilderness kingdom.

“Majesty’s Monarch” is the dramatic second edition in the Sovereign Wings collection of hand-crafted, hand-painted eagle sculptures. Impressively sized at nearly 15 inches tall, “Majesty’s Monarch” is vividly detailed, and bears the acclaimed eagle artistry of Ted Blaylock on each of its outstretched wings. The perfect companion to the Premiere Issue, “Silent Sentinel,” this outstanding edition will become a striking work of sculptural art in your home.
Measures approx. 15 inches tall (38 cm). Includes built-in hanging device.

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