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Considered one of the greatest live televised concerts of all time, the January 14, 1972, Aloha from Hawaii show drew estimated numbers of up to 1.5 billion viewers. And the world watched as Elvis stepped onstage with his trademark American Eagle jumpsuit, incredibly adorned with gems, sequins, embroidery, and metal and rhinestone studding. Now, The Hamilton Collection brings you brilliant artistry of that history-making concert on the panels of a classic 1937 Studebaker Woody Wagon!

Hamilton’s Master Craftsmen skillfully sculpt the 1937 Studebaker Woody Wagon to capture the glory of this classic car. From the smoothly rounded lines of the wheel wells and roof to the woodgrain look of the “wooden” panels … from the chrome-look bumpers, wipers, handles and mirrors to the sleek edges and tails of the surfboards on top. Every inch is crafted by hand, then hand-painted in metallic and glossy finishes to give this one-of-a-kind collectible a showroom gleam.

Once the 1937 Studebaker Woody Wagon is crafted to perfection, eye-catching artwork featuring Elvis from his Aloha from Hawaii concert is hand-applied to the side panels, back door and hood. For added styling, fine decaled work of Hawaiian florals and a replica of Elvis Presley’s signature are added to make this a first-ever work of art that will bring your love of Elvis to life in a never-before-seen way!

Handcrafted to 1:18 scale

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