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With a sister in your life, you have a special family bond that no one can sever. She’s your confidante. A trusted shoulder to cry on, and someone to laugh with till tears roll out of your eyes. She’s your toughest critic … and your best friend, all rolled into one! In short, she’s a heavenly gift that you’ll treasure forever! Now an exclusive new figurine from Hamilton pays honor to that sisterly love.

Inspired by the classic patterns and rich colours of the world’s most beloved china pattern, Blue Willow, this touching figurine is beautifully handcrafted and painted by hand. Just look at the details — the smooth rounded edges of their patterned wings … the flowing lines of the heavenly gowns … the friendly dove inspired by the saga of Blue Willow … and of course, the endearing sentiment on their gown that reflects the tender expressions on both their faces.

“A Sister Reaches For Your Hand, But Holds Your Heart” arrives with a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Measures 7" H.

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