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Quietly perched for a moment of reflection, this Angelic beauty is visited by a feathered friend who's come to brighten her morning with sweet chirps of love. In the early light of dawn, her golden locks tumble loosely, just like the soft folds of her cobalt blue robe. And her ornate wings, gorgeously patterned to match, glisten like the dew on her flowery sash.

This fine collectible figurine is entirely hand-sculpted with every fine line showcasing her graceful beauty. Her radiant gown and wings are delicately emblazoned with hand-applied artwork that recreates the pattern found on Blue Willow china---including the pair of swallows captured in flight.

Meticulously painted by hand in those rich, bold, instantly recognizable colour of the widely collected china, she is elegantly adorned with bouquets of hand-formed blossoms.

Finally, a gleaming, high-gloss finish is carefully brushed on to give this inspired figurine the look of actual fine porcelain china.

Figurine measures about 7" (17.5 cm.) high.

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