Starter Stable with 3 Figures

Fontanini Nativity Stable 54710-T

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Fontanini Nativity Stable 54710-T

Vintage Nativity sets made in Italy

Nativity Starter Stable 3 Piece 5" Figures with by Fontanini

Fontanini Canada

Teach your children and grandchildren about the true meaning of Christmas by setting up your own Fontanini Bethlehem Village in your very own home.

Bring the Christmas story to life with Fontanini Nativity Stables, Creches and Bethlehem Village Pieces and Figurines.

We carry the Fontanini Nativity Stables and figurines, shops, merchants, village pieces, villagers, farm pieces, farmers, fishing pieces, fishermen, shepherd pieces, shepherds, animals, birds, trees, streams, roads, fences, village walls, entrance gates and accessories.

Everything you need to make the Christmas Story come to life.

Great for schools, Churches and gifts.