(HB) Ardleigh Elliott's SHIH-TZU HANDBAG 0700584014-T

(HB) Ardleigh Elliott's SHIH-TZU HANDBAG 0700584014-T

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Ardleigh Elliott's SHIH-TZU HANDBAG

The Faithful Friends Leather Handbag features a charming close-up portrait of your choice of thirty popular breeds, reproduced in full colour on a delightful purse ready to hold all your day-to-day necessities. A handsome image of the dog you choose will be reproduced on the front of the leather bag, which is reinforced with a durable bottom. The straps of supple contrasting leather feature decorative stitching and sturdy metal rings, while the purse also has a strap closure to keep your belongings safe inside. Two handy outside pockets hold your cell phone and other necessities for easy access. The metallic zipper pull on the center pocket is sculpted in the shape of your chosen breed as a perfect finishing touch.

Each sturdy bag is beautifully crafted and sewn of supple leather by master artisans for strength, durablility and style. The metallic zipper pull adds a little extra charm, and fabric-lined inner compartments are ready to store all your things in style. Best of all, the handsome portrait of the dog of your choice is printed in vivid detail to hold its charm through years of use.

Measures about 9.5" wide.

©2008 Getty Images
©2008 Ardleigh Elliott