(HD) CRIMSON KING 0128270001-T

(HD) CRIMSON KING 0128270001-T

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A picture-perfect moment in nature is yours to treasure, shimmering with the elegance of crystal in “Crimson King,” Premiere Edition in the Nature’s Sparkling Songbirds Crystal Collection from The Bradford Exchange.

A breathtaking vision in luminous, hand-tinted glass, “Crimson King” showcases a glorious array of colours inspired by nature’s own palette. From the crimson of the cardinal’s exquisitely faceted plumage to the translucent green leaves and delicate blush of each individual petal, every intricate detail is hand-polished for superlative sparkle and shine.

A beveled mirrored base lays a stunning foundation for all this beauty, dramatically reflecting the sculptural scene above. “Crimson King” is a treasure that truly dazzles, capturing a rare flash of nature’s brilliance in perpetuity—so you can bask in the cardinal’s fleeting presence whenever you wish.

Measures about 4" W x 6" H

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