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It lights up!

Two delicate forms of nature are elevated through the sculptor’s unique vision into a gleaming tribute in the Shimmering Wings Illuminated Sculpture Collection.

The collection begins with “Glimmering Gardens,” a unique sculpture that captures nature’s nuance while enhancing it through the use of innovative materials and technology. The stalk of a blossoming branch rises elegantly from a mirrored base budding out into the opened petals of three flowers uniquely crafted of transluscent pink crystalline. In the heart of the two largest blooms, LED centers cause the flowers to sparkle, while simultaneously reflecting light from the mirror below, as if the branch extended over a garden pool.

Resting on the open petals of the topmost flower is a glorious butterfly, open wings kissed with shimmering opalescent hues that change with the angle of view. Its body is highlighted by glittering hand-set faux jewels. The butterfly and leafy branch are lavished with a rich golden finish enhancing every aspect of this elegant work of art.

Measures about 7¾" H. 1.5 V battery included.

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