(HD) Lena Liu's BEAUTY OF THE SAPPHIRE 0906806002-T

(HD) Lena Liu's BEAUTY OF THE SAPPHIRE 0906806002-T

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Appearing to float on air, hummingbirds are powerful symbols of endurance, strength and determination - and are often referred to as nature's flying jewels. Now, the beloved hummingbird art of Lena Liu has inspired this limited-edition Reflections of the Hummingbird Figurine Collection, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection.

Each dazzling treasure in this exquisite bird figurine collection brings another enchanting hummingbird to life in handcrafted, faceted crystalline, infused with the brilliant colour and clarity of the rare gems they represent. The remarkable translucency and molding properties of crystalline allow Master Artisans to expertly handcraft every hummingbird in amazing detail, along with the crystalline swirls and branches they rest upon. Adding to their beauty are delicate flowers and polished mirror bases that further enhance the brilliant radiance of the vibrant gem-coloured crystalline.

Measures approximately 3-1/2" H; 8.9 cm H

©Lena Liu 2016

©2016 The Hamilton Collection. All Rights Reserved.