(HDA) A CUP OF COMFORT 0905157002-T

(HDA) A CUP OF COMFORT 0905157002-T

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This inquisitive pair of cuties will need to be extra careful because they’ve stumbled upon a most prized possession: the Purr-fectly Tea-lightful Curio Collection, available exclusively from Hamilton.

This extraordinary collection features 10 instantly recognizable china patterns ... many of the most popular in the world!

The cups and saucers — along with the playfully precious kittens tucked inside — are completely crafted by hand. With exacting precision, the smallest details come to life, like the hand-etched “fur” and little pink noses.

And like those hard-to-find china pieces, each issue in the collection is produced for only a limited time.

Each teacup sculpture in the collection measures from 3" to 3.5" high.

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