(HDA) FUR-EVER FAMILY 0118971001-T

(HDA) FUR-EVER FAMILY 0118971001-T

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Nothing touches a cat lover’s heart like the charming sight of a mother cat sweetly caring for her adorable kittens. Every snuggly cuddle, gentle lick, and soothing purr is an endearing expression of the purr-ecious bonds of family. The trust and loving care these delightful felines share recaptures sweet memories of our own cherished family ties.

Now the loving bonds of cats and kittens inspires the all-new Fur-ever Family Masterpiece Sculpture from The Bradford Exchange. Actually three works of art in one, it portrays a mother cat and two darling kittens in the enduring medium of three-dimensional sculpture. Artfully hand-cast of fine artist’s resin for superb detail, it offers gallery quality at an affordable price.

Each feline is fully sculpted in the kind of intricate detail you might only expect to find in posh art galleries, high end stores, or exclusive boutiques. Individually hand-painted in subtle natural colours for thrilling realism, these sculptural cats brim with “purr-sonality” from the tops of their ears to the tips of their tails. You’ll admire each kitty’s textured ‘fur,” expressive face and snuggly pose. Hand-applied whiskers and rosy accents on little noses, tiny ears, and Mama cat’s tongue add to the endearing effect—you’ll want to reach out and pet them all!

Measures about 10½ in. H.

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