(HDA) Laura Crawford Williams' NATURE'S PRECIOUS MOMENTS 0906223001-T

(HDA) Laura Crawford Williams' NATURE'S PRECIOUS MOMENTS 0906223001-T

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Laura Crawford Williams' NATURE'S PRECIOUS MOMENTS

Enjoy a rare peek into the wondrous world of nature in a handcrafted treasure inspired by one of award-winning wildlife photographer Laura Crawford Williams' most popular candid snapshots. Presenting the Nature's Precious Moment Figurine, a limited-edition first-ever only from The Hamilton Collection. This heartwarming owl figurine captures a sweet owl couple in an affectionate cuddle, and is meticulously handcrafted and painted entirely by hand, from the intricate detailing in the pair's feathers to their endearing poses and captivating eyes.

Perched on a gnarled tree stump base, this loving pair creates a tender portrait of two of nature's incredible marvels. Included with each figurine is a FREE collectible photo card featuring the original photo that inspired this charming keepsake. These wise guardians are a wonderful way to bring the tenderness and beauty of nature into your home as they keep a loving eye over you and all those you hold close under your wing.

Measures approximately 5" H; 12.7 cm H

©Laura Crawford Williams

©2015 The Hamilton Collection. All Rights Reserved.