(HDA) SIMPLY CHIEN-EL 0901825003-T

(HDA) SIMPLY CHIEN-EL 0901825003-T

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This perky pup is as cute as can be cozied inside a simply glamorous purse. And it's easy to see, she's one divine doggie diva who's poised and ready to prance around town!

Join this party pooch for some fun and fashion with "Simply Chien-el," available only from The Hamilton Collection. There's no doubt this adorable Yorkie's got a nose for haute couture. And she knows how flaunt it in her pretty "pearl" necklace and hair accessory!

This heartwarming figurine is the third issue in Hamilton's exclusive Diva Dogs Collection, a fetching series of adorable Yorkshire Terriers dressed to the nines and perched inside stylish handbags. Each edition is as cute as the one before and accented with a variety of glitzy accents, including faux gems, sculpted pearls and more.

Measures approx. 3.5" high.
Hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity included.

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