(HDA) Jurgen Scholz's SPLASHIN' GOOD TIME 0902864003-T

(HDA) Jurgen Scholz's SPLASHIN' GOOD TIME 0902864003-T

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Experience the exuberance of playful pets with this kitten figurine collection, a first-ever exclusive from The Hamilton Collection! This adorable cat collectible figurine is inspired by the works of internationally-acclaimed artist Jurgen Scholz. Mr. Scholz's delightful kitten images come to life in this smile-inducing collection as is continues with Issue Three, Splashin' Good Time.

Each handcrafted and hand-painted figurine in this collection portrays Mr. Scholz's heartwarming kitten images in 3D sculptural detail, perfectly capturing their playful poses, sweet expressions and "textured" sculptural fur. You'll enjoy each kitten's innocent discovery of the world, whether it's taking a rest on a rock or batting a paw at goldfish in a pond.

Hand-numbered with matching Certificates of Authenticity.

Measure 3" to 4" H; 7.6 cm to 10.2 cm H.

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