(HDA) TRUNKS OF LOVE 0906548001-T

(HDA) TRUNKS OF LOVE 0906548001-T

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Majestic elephants are known for their amazing strength, exceptional intelligence and lasting memory. Yet, perhaps they are most loved for their keen social instincts and extraordinary, deep family ties - especially a mother elephant's eternal love for her baby. Now, these beloved gentle giants are portrayed in a touching tribute with the Trunks of Love Figurine Set, a first-ever from The Hamilton Collection. This limited-edition elephant figurine set, features not 1 but 2 elephants - a mother and her baby - who together convey the eternal bond of motherly love.

These exquisite figurines are artfully handcrafted with the beautiful look of finely carved wood and adorned with rich rose-gold accents. Each elephant wears an elegantly decorated cloak and headpiece that features a bas-relief floral motif that is hand-painted in a lustrous palette of soft, warm hues. Adding to the dazzling artistry are nearly a dozen genuine Swarovski® crystals, each one carefully applied by hand. The perfect mother's love figurine set, these two treasures can be displayed any way you wish; nestle the baby next to the mother and you'll find their trunks form a perfect heart - a precious symbol of their eternal love!

Large elephant measures 8-1/2" W; 21.6 cm W; smaller elephant measures 4-1/2" W; 11.4 cm W

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