ANGEL ORNAMENTS #1 (2) by Thomas Kinkade

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The Thomas Kinkade Heaven Sent Angels Ornaments begins with Set One, featuring Star of Wonder Angel and Messenger of Peace Angel. Each Angel Ornament in this two-ornament set is beautifully gowned and arrives holding a symbol of the blessing she bestows upon our lives. These fully sculptural Christmas Ornaments are expertly hand-painted in deep, luxurious hues that will lend an opulent elegance to your Christmas tree and feature lacy bas-relief, iridescent wings that sparkle with glitter.

The Star of Wonder Angel wears a sweeping mauve gown accented with elegant ivory flourishes. In her outstretched hands, she holds an array of laser-cut brass stars, inviting you to reflect on the dazzling wonders of life. The Messenger of Peace Angel is dressed in a deep burgundy gown and holds an intricate garland of graceful doves in flight, enduring symbols of peace. Both Angels' gowns are accented with lacy bass-relief patterns that are accented with a pearlescent finish and golden edging.

Handcrafted, sculpted accents, complementing the featured imagery and inspirational theme of each Angel Ornament, add to the appealing design and Heavenly addition to your Christmas decoration. Each Angel suspends from a golden hanging cord ready for your enjoyment.

Measure 4-1/2" H; 11.4 cm H

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