(CH) *Joy to the World Snow Globe Christmas Ornament* by Thomas Kinkade #1 (2) 118722001-T SOLD OUT!

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Joy to the World
The joys of Christmas are many: Glorifying God's (Jesus') Holy Birth, a Church Service, a jolly snowman, a sleigh ride, festive gatherings with friends and family, etc...
Thomas Kinkade's luminous Christmas paintings perfectly capture many of these wonders and more, and now the Market First design of this set of two Thomas Kinkade Christmas Snow Globe Ornaments makes them yours to enjoy forever.
Presenting the Thomas Kinkade Joy to the World Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments: Set One, a Bradford Exchange exclusive that is certain to bring glowing cheer to your Christmas home for many years.
A shimmering glass globe in a hand-cast setting, hand-painted in exquisite detail, and crowned by a silvery finial distinguishes each of these fascinating masterworks. Inside, the first-of-a-kind design creates a unique sense of foreground and background across a sparkling snowy landscape, where two of Thomas Kinkade's most beloved Christmas homes beckon one and all.
Each home lights up from within, powered by a specially designed 5-hour timer that will automatically turn the lights on and off at the same times every day. You can even shake the Christmas Snow Globe Ornaments gently to set flurries of sparkling snow in motion.
Measure 3" H; 7.6 cm H
©2014 Thomas Kinkade
©2014 The Bradford Exchange