(CH) *Sweet Songbirds Ornaments* by Susan Bourdet 1(3) 116389001-T

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Sweet Songbirds Ornaments
Like colourful winged jewels in our own backyards, beloved songbirds brighten every moment with their lively personalities and sweet melodies of good cheer.
Artist Susan Bourdet is renowned for her vividly realistic portraits of favourite songbirds and the lush flowers they frequent.
Now three of her most prized pieces depicting the goldfinch, robin and bluebird grace these gently tapered, teardrop Christmas Ornaments hand-crafted of lustrous Heirloom Porcelain®. Each is lavished with 22K gold accents and faux crystals for added sparkle.
With bow-tied hanging ribbons.
Christmas Ornaments are approximately 4" (10 cm.) tall.
©Susan Bourdet, Wild Wings, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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