ALMOST CHRISTMAS by Thomas Kinkade

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Almost Christmas Santa and Sleigh

Individually hand-cast and hand-painted, the Thomas Kinkade “Almost Christmas” Masterpiece Treasure presents a beautifully sculpted Santa by his richly adorned sleigh, petting a gentle reindeer as he gives his Special List one more look over, to be sure no good little girl or boy is left out. In the back of the sleigh sits his special bag, overflowing with toys, each sculpted in detail and hand painted.

But take another look at the sleigh—it holds a fascinating treat! There’s a miniature illuminated Thomas Kinkade-inspired village inside, with a sneak peek at Santa’s journey, as he and his sleigh actually “fly” high above a snow-covered Thomas Kinkade landscape. And through it all, you’ll hear a medley of your favourite Christmas Classics filling the frosty air.

Measures about 12" long x 7" high. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). AC adapter-ready.

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