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Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Table Top Decor

The scene so masterfully depicted in the “Thomas Kinkade Bringing Home the Tree” Illuminated Sculpture seems to have emerged from a classic Thomas Kinkade painting. Blanketed in fresh-fallen snow, the dense forest of fir trees is intensely quiet in the hush of early morning. But soon the sound of happy children’s laughter and enthusiastic shouts of “Over here!” and “What about this one?!” make it clear that this is a very special day indeed. The Christmas holiday is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for this happy family to embark on their annual adventure to pick the most perfect tree of all to grace the heart of their home. While Dad hitched up the sleigh and sharpened the axe, Mom bundled up her four little ones against winter’s chill. Now, with their prized tree in tow, they return to their warm home to begin trimming the tree. What a memory they will share!

Masterfully sculpted to create an interesting panoramic sense of foreground and background, then individually hand-painted, every detail of this holiday treasure conveys the joy of Christmastime. The old-fashioned lamppost and grand home both light up from within with a warm glow, while pristine snow glitters on the rooftops and cobblestone bridge. And for the perfect finishing touch, at the flip of a switch you’ll hear a medley of 8 caroling classics!

Measures about 10” wide.

AC adapter included or uses 3 AA batteries (not included).

©2012 Thomas Kinkade

©2012 The Bradford Exchange