(TL) Joseph Hautman's REGAL COMPANIONS 0114321003-T

(TL) Joseph Hautman's REGAL COMPANIONS 0114321003-T

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Capture the essence of the wilderness with the earthy tones and textures of this first-of-its-kind, limited edition collection. Hand-cast of artists resin, each pillar-style candle holder features a hand-painted, sculpted birch bark design that perfectly complements Joseph Hautman's woodland art featured on both sides. Simply light the tealight candle—one is included with each edition—and let yourself be transported to the peace and serenity of a woodland stroll. Best of all, these hand-crafted sculptures won’t ever melt away like real candles. Just place a new tealight into the glass cups on top of each candle holder whenever needed!

Beautiful individually, the three editions in the collection truly stand out when placed together on the custom-designed metal display with sculpted pine cone accents.

Each edition sold seperately.

Candle Holders measure (from left to right) of 4½", 7" and 5¾" tall. Full display is appr. 13" wide.

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