(TL) Mimi Jobe’s BELIEVE 0700515001-T SOLD OUT!

(TL) Mimi Jobe’s BELIEVE 0700515001-T SOLD OUT!

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“Believe,” premiere issue in the Twilight Enchantment Votive Candleholder Collection, is the first dramatic edition in this all-new series presenting the magical adventures of mystic fairies and fanciful unicorns in two and three dimensions. On this stunning first issue, a delicate fairy with glittering wings and a gown sparkling with magic walks beside her unicorn companion in a meticulously-crafted and hand-painted sculptural scene of bewitching beauty. The unicorn’s silvery horn gleams in the candlelight, providing subtle contrast to the glittering faux jewel centers of the flowers that dot the grass. The Heirloom Porcelain® candleholder behind them is adorned with Mimi Jobe’s artwork of a mystical castle along with the simple word “Believe,” illuminated by the candlelight within to create a glowing scene of inspiring imagination. This unique design is completed with a fluted opening highlighted with shimmering platinum, gleaming richly in the candle’s glow.

Each new issue in this premiere collection brings the enchanting charm of Mimi Jobe’s dainty fairies and gentle unicorns recreated in two and three dimensions. Issue Two, “Imagine,” features a journey across a magical bridge, and Issue Three, “Dream,” shows the fairy and unicorn at rest near a beautiful gazebo. Crafted in varying heights and shapes to create a coordinated display, each is a unique interpretation of fantasy and enchantment, capturing the power and beauty of the unfettered imagination. Each candleholder comes with a 100% natural palm oil votive candle, which burns with far less soot than conventional candles.

Candleholders range in size from 3 to 6 inches tall.

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