(TL) Mimi Jobe’s IMAGINE 0700515002-T

(TL) Mimi Jobe’s IMAGINE 0700515002-T

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The Twilight Enchantment Votive Candleholder Collection is an all-new series presenting the magical adventures of mystic fairies and fanciful unicorns in two and three dimensions. Each Heirloom Porcelain® candleholder in this premiere collection brings the enchanting charm of Mimi Jobe’s dainty fairies and gentle unicorns recreated in two and three dimensions. Issue Two, “Imagine,” features a journey across a magical bridge, and Issue Three, “Dream,” shows the fairy and unicorn at rest near a beautiful gazebo. Crafted in varying heights and shapes to create a coordinated display, each is a unique interpretation of fantasy and enchantment, capturing the power and beauty of the unfettered imagination. Each candleholder comes with a 100% natural palm oil votive candle, which burns with far less soot than conventional candles.

Candleholders range in size from 3 to 6 inches tall.

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