(WD) Disney FIGURINE Snow White and the Prince 0114620006-T

(WD) Disney FIGURINE Snow White and the Prince 0114620006-T

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Snow White and the Prince

Officially-licensed and designed in partnership with Disney, each keepsake box in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Limoges Collection is hand-crafted in the time-honoured traditions of d’Arceau Limoges in luminous, triple-fired Heirloom Porcelain®. Painted entirely by hand, each richly-hued Limoges box is beautifully embellished with 22K gold banding and a gleaming 22K gold apple-shaped clasp.

The collection begins, of course, with the fairest of them all — Snow White. Accompanied by Dopey, she leads all Seven Dwarfs on their journey home. In her hand she holds a sparkling genuine crystal — a “freshly mined” gift from the dwarfs no doubt!

The collection continues with “Grumpy & Doc,” followed by “Sleepy & Happy” and “Bashful & Sneezy.” Each intricately detailed Limoges box is designed to be placed next to each other, recreating the classic “Heigh Ho” scene from the movie.

Edition Six features "Snow White and the Prince."

Edition One measures 4½"H x 2½"W. All other Editions measure 3"H x 2½"W


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